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Today we makes 4 years together! this four years it will be very difficult for us to overcome certain object. But with your help we continue to exist and do not close the label! In the new years we have so many projects to realize, our motto is always the same: music, quality and Talent <3 Thanks for support us. Happy Birthday Piko Music





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This Artists support our release " NEVER AGAIN [PMD032]"

Release Calendar

– Owlman: Cosmic Dust EP + Ievgeniy Kozlov remix| 14.10.2016
– Hans Seance & Nipun Divecha: Solstice EP + Errome remix | tbc
– Vlad Jet: PRISM EP + Andrea Piko | tbc
– Hons: Can You hear me + Igores Tamborista remix | tbc

Podcast Calendar

– Pedro Silva #36 | 26.09.2016

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September 22, 2016
BLOG about video shoot by Andrea Piko This idea came from Andrea and Den Salve, we decided to try m...
August 11, 2016
FRANCHINO ANDREA PIKO EVENTS   #insomnia Un video pubblicato da Andrea Piko (@andreapiko) in da...
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